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-from latin "lacus magnus" (great lake)  contracted, it seems, in  la  ma  n  >  leman > Léman
    Lac Léman would even be a pleonasmus, some people say...

-others say that the name would come from greek "limnê" which signifies lac.
    in that case, it would be a pleonasmus too...

-I hear the word would come from celtic! "lem" which signifies great and "an" water. (R.L. 5.4.4, 11.55)...

"Sometimes, some give the name of lac de Genève to the part of the lake near this city" (c) Larousse.

Everything concerning the Léman as such, everything relative to the lake itself,
has been put into a separated, dedicated site :

the  Limnology.   Click onto that link to the limnology of the Léman... and, there...

   you shall learn about the second, disappeared, rhodanian lake, the Gioran.

(Unfortunately actually french and german only...)

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