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1) Ligne d'Italie     2) Ligne de Suisse occidentale

Type                                 Length                 Weight         Depth

1) transported from Morges to Bouveret for the "Ligne d'Italie" by the boat "l'Industriel",
   which (from the six transported) lost in 1859,

  4 railway carriages,
  open wagons,        ~6-6.5 m (~21 ft)    ?t    300 m (984 ft)      history + photos   14/03/06

2) 20 years later, in Treytorrens, near Cully a bridge collapses, the train is derailed.
On the 20th of February 1879, a train of the "Suisse occidentale" line was travelling from Villeneuve to Lausanne... but, ... the last 2 carriages come off the rails:

1 passenger carriage is smashed to pieces
1 mail wagon                           ? m             ?t   0 to 3 m (0-10 ft)       photo, drawing, 4 contemporary articles   10/02/05
   ends up in the lake. . .