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Very close up, starboard, forward


Slightly further away.

By starting just above the top left corner of the compass and making our way carefully along the edge,
we can see the imprint left by the ballast...         

Lateral view

Inside the axis.

At the centre, the indentation made by the ballast is clearly visible, less so towards the back...                 

In the axis

A sailboat sinks (we were able to measure the speed in one case) at a rate of about 7 km/h (4 mph).
It therefore takes about 2.5 minutes to reach the bottom at a depth of 300 m (984 ft).

At that speed, it generally buries itself up to the water line. This then causes a surrounding bank to build up caused by the abrupt displacement of the mud...

The vacuum effect (which has to be overcome when the vessel is lifted) is therefore quite large.

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